It is absolutely ironic that I would not have had the time to post on a 3-day weekend.  But there’s a lot going on.  A dinner party that lasted till 1:30am Friday night (a belated happy birthday to me), a sports shopping spree (I exaggerate, but how does one resist a 20% storewide discount) on Saturday morning, needing to sleep early Saturday night (the prime time of blogging – I know, I need to get a life) due to the need to arise at unearthly 5am on Sunday morning to start a half-marathon at 7:30am (brilliant, brilliant race, I ran out of my skin, I could start a new blog on it), and then now, after hammering out a draft project proposal for a left-handed professor about how to design interventions for stressed-out kids.

(There, an absolutely justified 101-word sentence.)

And my final excuse is that it’s 2 in the morning and I ran a retirement-inducing (cos it will never be bettered, not cos it stank) 13.1 miles and I should really be in bed recovering from my exertions.

So I leave you, the esteemed reader, with this left-handed link called Left Handers Day (sic).  It designates 13 Aug as the day.  A bit of fun. Just that every day for me is Left-Handed Day.

PS. The next blog post is my final project proposal for the digital media class to which this blog owes its existence.  Please excuse it, it’s the last one of those crude interruptions.

PPS. What left-handed issues do you want to read about?  Please comment.

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